Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Snapdragon

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Storage: 256GB
Color: Phantom Black
Chipset: Exynos 2100
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Put the future in the palm of your hand with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. This smartphone's super-high-resolution cameras (up to 108MP) feature 100x Space Zoom, one-tap effects, and multiple ways to capture photos and video up to 8K, giving you the power of a professional photo studio in your pocket. The adaptive 120Hz display and an all-day intelligent battery add to an amazing experience.

Smooth, fast, and extremely easy on the eyes

  • 6.8" screen features Edge WQHD+ (with Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen technology) and 3200 x 1440 native resolution for gorgeous images and videos
  • Adaptive 120Hz display makes scrolling fast and silky-smooth, and helps conserve battery life by automatically adjusting the refresh rate
  • Blue-light management automatically adjusts based on the time of day to keep your eyes fresh
  • 128GB of on-board storage gives you plenty of space for videos, photos, and other files
  • Snapdragon 888 processor and 12GB of RAM give you ultra-powerful multi-tasking, processing power, and graphics rendering

Shoot photos and video like a pro

  • Professional-grade multi-lens rear cameras (108MP wide at f/1.8, 12MP ultra-wide at f/2.2, 10MP telephoto at f/2.4, and 10MP telephoto at f/4.9) and 40MP front camera at f/2.2 help you capture incredible share-ready moments with ease
  • 108MP ultra-high-resolution lets you capture intensely detailed portraits, landscapes, and close-ups with ease
  • Upgraded sensor gives you more colour and less noise in low light
  • Super-fast Laser Focus function keeps your focal point clear
  • Dual-Lens Zoom combines 3x and 10x optical zooms in one tap so you can zoom in with amazing clarity
  • 100x Space Zoom lets you capture images from incredible distances and magnify the details of something up close
  • Zoom Lock function helps keep your subject stable and in the centre of the frame when you're zoomed in
  • 8K video at 30fps delivers cinema-quality footage that's ultra-sharp, crystal-clear, and stunningly realistic

More camera magic

  • Single Take lets you create short, instantly shareable GIFs, movies, and more in one take
  • 8K Video Snap lets you grab the best frame from your video as a super-detailed, high-resolution still
  • Director's View gives you the power of multi-cam recording and automatic pro-style effects so you can create a masterpiece
  • Vlogger's View records front and back at the same time, with an intuitive editing system to make your vlogs and live-streams perfect

All-day battery, speedy 5G connectivity, and even more features

  • 5000mAh lithium-ion intelligent battery gives you power all day and night without needing to charge (depending on usage), and intuitively conserves energy on its own by managing use
  • Note: Charger is not included; use only Samsung-approved chargers and cables; do not use any worn or damaged chargers or cables; incompatible charger or cable can cause serious injuries or damage to your device
  • Next-level 5G connectivity takes you into the future at hyper-speed
  • Cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) is backward compatible with previous Wi-Fi versions
  • Bluetooth 5.2 lets you pair up with headphones and other Bluetooth-enabled wireless devices
  • Android 11 delivers a powerful user experiences and gives you access to a world of apps through the Google Play store
  • Stunning new design features an integrated metal camera, modern matte finishes, and extremely durable glass

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